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Dogs for Adoption

Rosie Animal Adoption finds homes for dogs through our Foster Care and Adoption Care programs. Medical care, spaying and neutering and basic necessities such as cage and dog food are provided to the foster family by Rosie Animal Adoption. Shelter, kindness and compassion are provided by dedicated foster families.

Heather is Available for Adoption

Heather is a 8 years old Female Mix breed dog

Heather is a dog who was transferred to Rosie following a seizure! She lived with many dogs in a hoarding situation! A new life is ahead for Heather. We... Continue Reading

Maisy is Reserved

Maisy is a 7 years old Male Yellow lab mix

Hello, I am Maisy. I am a young 7 year old Golden Labrador.

I say young because I have great energy and I love to play with toys and wrestle like a... Continue Reading

Acorn is Reserved

Acorn is a 6 months old Male Schnauzer/yorkie mix

Little Acorn arrived at Rosie from a hoarding situation. He is quite shy so needs some TLC. More info to follow on Acorn.

Tommy is Not Yet Available

Tommy is a 7 years old Male Yorkie

Tommy was surrendered by a commercial breeding facility. He arrived at Rosie with terrible skin. He is being treated for skin issues and will be available... Continue Reading

Tia is Reserved

Tia is a 1 year old Female Mix breed

Tia was transferred to us after a seizure was made by the authorities. Tia is extremely shy and it will take time for her to come out of her shell. She... Continue Reading

Buttercup is Reserved

Buttercup is a 10 months old Male Labrador-terrier mix

Buttercup was sent to Rosie from the North. In the North she was a community dog who was cared for even though she lived outside. Buttercup has adjusted... Continue Reading

Hercules is Available for Adoption

Hercules is a 4 years old Male chocolate lab

Hercules was surrendered to Rosie due to a change in family situation. Hercules is quite a tall Labrador. He is very nice and sweet! Great with all... Continue Reading

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