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Dogs for Adoption

Rosie Animal Adoption finds homes for dogs through our Foster Care and Adoption Care programs. Medical care, spaying and neutering and basic necessities such as cage and dog food are provided to the foster family by Rosie Animal Adoption. Shelter, kindness and compassion are provided by dedicated foster families.

Momo is Reserved

Momo is a 10 years old Male Coton de Tulear

Momo’s bio will follow. His guardian passed away. He has been well taken care of. He had back surgery a few years ago and is fine!

Eleanor is Available for Adoption

Eleanor is a 6 years old Female Apricot poodle

Eleanor is another very lucky dog who was rescued from South Korea Dog Meat Farm by Humane Society International and brought to Canada. Eleanor is another... Continue Reading

Ebony is Not Yet Available

Ebony is a 4 years old Female Shetland mix

Ebony is a Shetland mix who was rescued in South Korea by Humane Society International. Ebony has never been someone’s pet. She was not shown any love.... Continue Reading

Vagabonde is Reserved

Vagabonde is a 6 years old Female Yorkie

Vaga is a wonderful little yorkie who was surrendered to Rosie by a commercial breeder. More info to follow.

Binky is Not Yet Available

Binky is a 1 year old Male Terrier Mix


Binky arrived from the North blind, injured, ulcer in his eye, stinky, fur matted, dirty, dehydrated, pressure sores etc..... The story we were... Continue Reading

Nala is Reserved

Nala is a 5 years old Female Min pin- chihuahua mix

Nala is a very affectionate and loving little dog that prefers women and can be a bit leery of men. She is not aggressive at all to humans and is okay with... Continue Reading

Harley is Not Yet Available

Harley is a 8 months old Male Jindo (looks like a Sheba Inu)

Harley’s mom arrived from Korea pregnant. His mom had been rescued by HSI from a meat farm. Harley found a home in Canada but sadly he had an accident... Continue Reading

Elliot is Reserved

Elliot is a 9 years old Male Chihuahua

Elliot is an adorable little Chihuahua. His life of being a Dad to puppies is over. He is a real cuddler and loves to be held. He is good in the car. He... Continue Reading

Syndai is Available for Adoption

Syndai is a 7 years old - Date of birth 2012-03-30 Female Havenese-Bichon mix

I spent my life having puppies at a commercial breeding facility. Now that those days are behind me, I’m learning to adapt to living in a home. You... Continue Reading

Savana is Available for Adoption

Savana is a 7 years old Female Havanese-Bichon mix

Savana is a 7 year old Havanese-Bichon mix from a commercial breeding facility. She came to us with very bad teeth and an anxious skittish manner, not... Continue Reading

Rosie’s Survivors Fund

Binky the Terrier mix


Binky arrived from the North blind, injured, ulcer in his eye, stinky, fur matted, dirty, dehydrated, pressure sores etc..... The story we were told is that he had been lost in the woods for a few days. All we could tell is that there had been major trauma. Hit by car? Shaken by another dog? Who knows. He was immediately vet checked, given fluids by IV and put in ICU. His sight has come back in one eye but to what extent - time will tell. The big mats were cut from his fur and much later his golden locks were brushed. For all he has been through he remained very very nice. Donations are welcome for his care. More info to follow on him.

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