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Happily Ever After

Rosie's has adopted hundreds of dogs to loving families over the last few years!

If you do not see your Rosie dog here or in the albums, please e-mail a picture with your dogs name and when he/she was adopted to the webmaster

Cookie was adopted / Cookie a été adopté (Adopted September, 23 2020 )

Nevada was adopted / Nevada a été adopté (Adopted September, 23 2020 )

Toby was adopted / Toby a été adopté (Adopted September, 13 2020 )

Scarlet was adopted / Scarlet a été adopté (Adopted August, 5 2020 )

Billy was adopted / Billy a été adopté (Adopted July, 10 2020 )

Milo was adopted / Milo a été adopté (Adopted July, 10 2020 )

Tommy was adopted / Tommy a été adopté (Adopted July, 10 2020 )

Mila was adopted / Mila a été adopté (Adopted June, 24 2020 )

Mylo was adopted / Mylo a été adopté (Adopted May, 11 2020 )

Armando was adopted / Armando a été adopté (Adopted April, 15 2020 )

Rosie’s Survivors Fund


As you know, due to restrictions related to the pandemic, Rosie Animal Adoption has had to scale back on all activities. We have only taken in emergent cases and cannot do any of our normal fundraising activities which are our lifeblood.

One such emergent case is Squishy. He is a 10 month old Labrador mix from up north. Hit by a car while playing with another dog, Squishy had two fractured back legs and multiple contusions. A kind soul paid for his flight to Montreal so that he could get medical help from Rosie, the DMV and Pierrefonds Animal Hospital (PAH).

Despite being unable to stand or walk and being in obvious pain, Squishy never attempted to bite or resist the kind souls who transported him and cared for him before and after the surgery which gave him plates and screws that will allow him to finish growing normally. Now he is the darling of PAH where they continue to help him regain his strength and walk and build muscle back in his legs.

Squishy will fully recover to live an active life, a life that would have ended so early, had it not been for our Rosie village. Rosie’s inability to say “No” to cases like these means Squishy is now on the road towards healthy legs and a long, loving family life.

Please consider donating to help with Squishy’s medical bills. As mentioned, we have no access to our usual fundraising routes in these times. We, as always, appreciate your support and so does Squishy!

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