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Rosie Animal Adoption Events

Don't miss the Rosie Adoption events! It's a great chance to meet some of our available pets and dogs and also a fun time for everyone. Donations made through the events help Rosie and the volunteers find more homes for all the dogs and pets that are left behind.

Rosie’s Survivors Fund

Binky the Terrier mix


Binky arrived from the North blind, injured, ulcer in his eye, stinky, fur matted, dirty, dehydrated, pressure sores etc..... The story we were told is that he had been lost in the woods for a few days. All we could tell is that there had been major trauma. Hit by car? Shaken by another dog? Who knows. He was immediately vet checked, given fluids by IV and put in ICU. His sight has come back in one eye but to what extent - time will tell. The big mats were cut from his fur and much later his golden locks were brushed. For all he has been through he remained very very nice. Donations are welcome for his care. More info to follow on him.

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